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                     Marvelling object d'art in gold and diamond jewellery to everyone's fascination and  need the seven decades old family business of Kaigaonkar. Way back in 1938,  Shivrampant Kaigaonkar established his small enterprise of gold and silver jewellery in a small shop. However, Kaigaonkar soon became a renowned trade name in the market thanks  to Shivrampant's long term business strategies that involved developing trust and confidence among the customers.Arun, the elder son of  Shivrampant assisted his father to keep the business flourishing.  The small shop soon witnessed renovations and Subhash also joined the family team to shoulder the responsibilities of propelling the business.
                        Inheriting from father the qualities of an acumen entrepreneurship,  Subhash  focused on expansion and progressed rapidly to achieve one mile stone after another. The rock solid support of father and elder brother Arun was a morale booster. In due  course son sagar also joined the family enterprise to diversify and fortify the range of  diamond embedded jewellery.
                      In 1984 the family was shattered with the irretrievable loss due to demise of  Shivrampant. However, as a mark of respect to the departed soul of the father, Arun and Subhash soon came out of the trauma and began pushing the diversification and expansion plans of the business with new vigour and zeal. In 1999, the showroom at Ahmednagar was restructured and given a facelift. Separate departments were structured for different types of ornaments and facillities were created for customers.SGKaigaonkar retail showrooms were soon established in Pune and in Mumbai at Girgaon, Prabhadevi and Borivali.
                    However, the passion to craft masterpieces in gold, silver and platinum jewellery embedded with diamonds anprecious stones kept on creeping. The real triumph came when the family set up a gigantic and stunning showroom in New Jersey of United States of America. Keeping pace with changing market trends and the contemporary fashion, Kaigaonkar launched new schemes and ornaments. Attracting new customers and strengthening the bonds with the old ones is part of business strategy.Time and again   different schemes are floated to keep reviving the bonds of trust, love and affection with the customers with renewed buoyancy. For gold-loving Indian families, Kaigaonkar has everything's, from necklace to bangles and form carrings to finger-rings. For a wedding event, Kaigaonkar is one-stop shop. People from different parts of the state make it a point to visit Kaigaonkar to satisfy their need of purchase of gold ornaments.For Shivrampant, sky was the limt to carry the business to zenith.He struggled to make way  for the business with a commitment to win the confidence of the people though his sheer honesty and sincerity. Regrettably he did not survive, however, his sons, Arun and Subhash and grandson Sagar, committed themselves to translate the dreams of Shivrampant into momentous reality by founding the roots of family business in US though its Chintamani Jewellers enterprise.